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Ryan C. Reed

Ryan Reed Attorney At Law

Ryan C. Reed  –  Owner, Reed Law Group, PLC

In over 16 years of representing a wide range of people, I’ve heard one message over and over: people just want to move forward. They want to move on from a broken marriage. They want to move past constant squabbles with a deadbeat co-parent. They want to overcome an injury caused by someone else’s carelessness, and get back to the person they were before.

And they want the help of a caring, experienced lawyer to help them navigate the legal issues involved in moving forward.

That’s why I started Reed Law Group: because I knew that I could apply my experience and my personal attention to move people forward.

“So, how can you help me move forward?”

As a client of Reed Law Group, you’ll meet with me personally to discuss your legal needs and objectives. From the initial consultation on through to the day we close your file, you’ll have direct access to me to share important information, receive updates on the progress of your case, and discuss developments and the strategies for responding to them. My clients have my mobile phone number for those rare times when emergencies arise, but also have secure online access to Reed Law Group’s case management software for more routine (but streamlined) review of critical case-related matters.

“You’re going to give me your mobile number and direct access to my case file?”

That’s right. Even though you usually won’t need access to your lawyer or your case on a 24/7 basis, you’ll have that kind of access with Reed Law Group. Most lawyers I know would think I’m crazy for having my clients be able to reach me or to review their cases around the clock. But my focus is on my clients and how to best meet their needs – – especially the need to move forward. And my years of experience has taught me that there’s no more important teammate to me in meeting my clients’ needs than my clients themselves.


“A lawyer who treats me as a respected member of the team? That’s different.”

It may seem different, especially compared to the way so many lawyers treat their clients, but it’s very natural to me. I guess it comes from my childhood. I’m an identical twin, so from the very first moments when I was being formed I’ve always had a teammate of sorts. We had to work together to figure out a lot of things, whether it was sharing a bedroom or completing a chore list or executing a mischievous prank. There was even that one Halloween we had to team up to portray a couple of ‘little ladies’ dressed to the nines. (I’m the little lady on the left in this picture.) Boy, did THAT take a lot of teamwork!

“Did you really post that picture for all the world to see?!?”

In this day and age of oversharing on social media and elsewhere, I guess that picture doesn’t seem that bad. But sharing it does prove that I’ll sacrifice myself (or a little of my dignity) to help make a point or, more importantly, to make a difference. That’s something I’ve done pretty much continuously since I started practicing law here in Bowling Green in 1999. I’ve served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center, and was President of that Board of Directors in 2003 and 2004. I’ve served as a director and officer of the Bowling Green-Warren County Bar Association, and will be President of that organization in 2016. I’ve been on Board of Directors (Secretary) of bg26.2 & Half Marathon, Inc., and the Planning Committee (as Volunteer Coordinator then P.R. Coordinator) continuously since the race was first run in 2012, and while we’ve raised over $25,000 toward finding a cure for MS. I’ve also been a United Way volunteer, a coach of WKU’s Mock Trial Team, and a “bell ringer” for The Salvation Army. So, while that silly picture shows I don’t take myself too seriously, my involvement shows I take seriously most everything else I do.


“So I can count on you to take my case seriously?”

Absolutely. I recognize that, while I may have many cases competing for my daily attention, you have just the one case. I try to always deliver my services in a way that leaves each client feeling as though their case is my only case, too. And that requires I take your case as seriously as you do.

“And you promise you’ll never show up in Court in that costume?”

I promise. My wife, Bonnie, and our three kids, are all under strict orders not to let me out of the house in my ‘little lady’ Halloween costume. Especially on Court days.