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Kaitlyn S. Embry

Kaitlyn S. Embry, Of Counsel

Kaitlyn S. Embry, Of Counsel, Reed Law Group, PLC

Moving People Forward. That is why I joined Reed Law Group, PLC.

At a very young age, my passion was helping people, and it was my dream to work with others who found themselves in very difficult situations. Even before kindergarten I told my parents I would be the mayor of my hometown, Bowling Green. I knew I wanted to serve my community.

For the first year following graduation from law school, I served as a staff attorney for a family court circuit judge. Heart-breaking stories are told and painful pictures are painted every day in family court. I learned so much serving alongside the judge who spent countless hours considering every aspect of a difficult case before her. Now, I have the opportunity to serve families in south central Kentucky and help them to move forward.

“How can you help my family?”

Reed Law Group, PLC is here to help in any way that your family may need us. From the initial consultation through the day your case with us is closed, you will have direct access to me, to Ryan, and to your file through our secure online case management software.

Whether your family needs resolution following a broken marriage, assistance through a challenging custody dispute, or guidance through the process of an adoption, our firm will be devoted to moving your family forward.

“Will you be available when I need you?”

Absolutely, yes. You will have full access to your lawyer and to your case file with Reed Law Group. You will have my personal cell phone number. We will be on a first-name basis with one another. You need a coach in your corner, and that will be Reed Law Group.

We understand issues arise – especially with families – outside of “normal business hours,” and we will be available to address those issues as timely as we can. Your time is valuable, and we will work tirelessly, utilizing modern technology and our desire to serve our community, to prove that to you as a client of RLG.

“How do I know I can trust you?”

I understand that each client is coming to me in the most vulnerable state of their lives. I will treat you with respect, and we will work as a team. My job is to provide you with the legal guidance you need to move forward – no matter what issue you may bring to my office.

My passion is serving others, and a crucial part of that passion is respecting and understanding that so many of my clients need a confidant they have not had during a failing marriage or while raising a child alone or during countless other difficult circumstances. Our firm will be that confidant.

“Attorneys are the worst. Do I really need to spend money on my family law issue?”

We are on the same page. Attorneys can be stuffy and nerdy, and you can usually find us feverishly reading something truly boring, writing words no one really uses, or zealously representing someone who made a decision with which we do not agree, but rest assured, RLG will work to provide you and your family with a unique experience with us and positive relationship to your chosen law firm.

Let me encourage you to come by and visit Reed Law Group, PLC. Whatever need you may have, let us be the not-so-stuffy, yet passionate, coach in your corner.